The blue glass stars and opal moon
Bring soft colors to light up this space.
Can you hear that faint romantic tune?
Trickling in from a far-away place.

We hold each other and dance the indigo night.
This is our time and our universe here.
Swirling through the glittering light
Holding each other, we have nothing to fear.

Our lives will always be this entwined
No matter where our bodies may travel.
Sometimes we search and sometimes we find.
The yarn of our souls will never unravel.

We have taught each other to dance
Under the opal moon's glow
The blue glass stars may have a chance
Their twinkling faces to show.

And if our time comes once again
To love and dance through darkest night
With the dawn comes a crystal rain
To clear our vision and sharpen our sight.

As the opal moon rises to shine
Lighting the blue glass stars.
I have your heart and you have mine.
And the love we find is all ours.

By Swampetta (

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