How Do I Love Thee? Let me count the Cash.......

You say for me, your heart pines
And you will love me forever.
But in your eyes are dollar $ign$
When you promise to leave me never.

Our love has grown by huge amounts
Since our passion was first kindled.
Funny...So have my bank accounts
Even the ones that I have swindled.

You love me more today than yesterday?
But sliding downwards are my stocks.
My broker called and I've got to pay.
Have to pawn your diamonds and other rocks.

The wedding dress you'll wear for me
Is worth a fortune, don't ever doubt.
But you know I got it for free
If the designer got a loud shout!

What do you mean...."Can't marry me"?
You just keep saying "No".
You fell in love with a guy called "T"
And his last name is Soprano?


'Toon by Swampetta (

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