I saw it on the evening news. Another strange disappearance was getting front page coverage. That's three now that have gone missing. Ordinary people missing without a trace, seemly snatched out of space and time. No trace is found, their empty houses and cars offer no clue, the depot, and airports have no record of their travel. Friends and family grieve and worry without any light being shed. There is even a reward offered for one of the men. His family is wealthy and can afford to pay for news. The city is a dangerous place. I have lived away from it for a long time now. My grandmother left me a little four room shack and I have been here since I served my time. Its quiet here and no neighbors for miles. Just me and the pigs I raise.

I wasn't guilty you know. I didn't kill that kid. He tried to steal my car and when I caught him breaking into it, he jumped to escape, right into the on coming traffic. The hoodlum with him said I pushed him. That's a lie, he jumped. The jury believed that lying punk and I served twenty years for I crime I did not commit. Thanks to those twelve blind jurists, my peers, they were said to be.

Pigs are smart animals, pragmatic in their way. They will eat nearly anything, even their own young. I just fed them before I came in for the night. You can hear them fighting and squealing for the biggest share of their dinner. Guess there are thirty of them now, if you count that new litter. I feed them well. It's how I make my living, raising hogs out away from the dangers of the city.

I spent twenty years doing hard time and working out in Joliet's prison, just so Id have the strength to make those jurors pay. Only nine more to go, the worst part is cutting them up in pig-sized pieces. It takes a lot of muscle to chop a twelve man jury into pig feed. After each one, that's when I open the refrigerator and get another beer.

By Lea (Leaway56@aol.com)


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