As the first cold snap does hit,
The bones and joints do ache.
Their wear, tear, and abuse do show,
For the body does let meu know.

The beautiful snowflakes fall all around,
The ground does turn white,
Covering the brown mess of fall,
Ah, what a wondrous sight.

Brr, I am cold and my body shakes,
As I put on my heavy pants and shirt.
As my warm coat I do brush off,
As my warm slippers I do find.

Ah, the beauty of winter,
Of the falling snow.
The pines bristling with snowflakes,
Putting on a show.

The snow shovel I do use,
Oh, those muscles ache.
I do come indoors finally,
And hot cocoa I make.

Ah winter, winter has set in,
Maybe it will a light one be,
Maybe we can go South.

Tom (

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