Today I took a quiet walk
Out on the meadow, among the flowers
I listened to Mother Nature talk
Conversed with her for what seemed hours
She told me of the things she planned
To send to me in time, in season
I told her of all my thoughts and dreams
Some real, and some without rhyme or reason
My mind got rid of useless clutter
While things of substance took their place
I heard some far-off voices utter
"Forget today, instead, embrace"
"Open your eyes, your mind, your arms,
Run in this meadow, wade the streams,
Take the time to escape reality,
And just embrace your field of dreams"
"Too fast, too soon, the world returns,
And everyday things again take shape,
But anytime you choose, it's there,
Your field of dreams, your safe escape."

By susi Taylor (

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