The following haiku was written by poets at the Haiku Hour which meets on Thursday nights. The topic was Flowers.

cherry blossoms fly
in springtime's southern breezes
scattering beauty

ęBy susi (

small pansy blossoms
pucker-up their warm 'faces'
catching cool raindrops

ęBy Doris (

purple violets
play peek-a-boo with tulips
and color our spring

ęBy Marilyn (

purple petunia
scents the air with such sweetness
lady of the garden

ęBy Sharon (

common you daisy
you do grow hither and yon
flowers are loved weeds

ęBy Tom (

flowers say hello
greeting you the whole day through
they whisper goodnight

ęBy Bob (

lovely peonies
with gorgeous, luscious blossoms
a summer's delight

ęBy Meri (

lilacs in full bloom
aroma wafting in breeze
bouquet for the nose

ęBy Norma (

a red carnation
comes in many nice colors
red and white for sure

ęBy Edd (

I blossomed with joy
petals bloomed then dropped away
I am a flower

ęBy Bill (

Granny's flowerbed
looks so pretty, smells so good
should I pick her some

ęBy Charline (


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