Whenever he strolls on the beach,
With metal detector in hand,
He examines all within reach,
As he swings it across the sand.

Although he hopes to find treasure,
Thatís not his most important goal.
He does it for health and pleasure,
As he digs up hole after hole.

Occasionally, he might find
A coin, a pen, maybe a ring;
Or metal of some other kind
Might send a signal to the thing.

Regardless, he gets exercise,
Fresh salt air and vitamin D.
And there just might be a surprise
Washed ashore by a stormy sea.

Now and then into his pocket,
He drops some item that heís found.
One day he retrieved a locket
From its resting place underground.

He has become a collector,
An environmentalist, too,
As with his metal detector
He picks up can tabs dropped by you.


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