With raucous cries, above it flies,
Lofty red-headed Sandhill Crane,
Until the birdfeeder it spies,
And drops into my yard again.

Its long, sharp beak begins to seek
Scattered seed strewn upon the ground.
It comes by many times each week,
If spilt seed is lying around.

Accustomed to me being there,
On my screened porch, it shows no fear.
Usually, there will be a pair,
But today, only one is here.

Finishing the birdseed outside,
Its displeasure is soon made known.
It pecks a rip a full inch wide
In a screen, before off itís flown.

Yes, its beak threatens survival
Of porch screens, if wrath is incurred.
Still, I welcome the arrival
Of this wild and exquisite bird.


© Photograph by RickMack.

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