Three wonderful poems were submitted for this page. Enjoy!


Grandma came from London town
She moved to Canada when she was married
She brought some of her memories
All the china teacups that she could carry

I remember when I was very young
Dolly and I drank from these treasures
Grandma brewed us weak sweet tea
We spent more hours than we could measure

Pouring tea and sipping it up
When we spilled we drank from the saucer
Grandma sat with Dolly and me
And read little bits from Chaucer

Those days are precious memories now
The cups have been my inheritance
They sit upon my kitchen shelf
Some with flowers with lovely fragrance

Now it's time to pass them on
To children as they visit me
I wash them up and wrap in tissue
Grandma's treasures passed on to posterity

Joy (


Mother of Pearl mornings
sunless gray awakenings.
I wait as the tea bag steeps.

Dubious the whims of winter
these sunless times of lights' famine,
these meager pale days reproach me.
with protracted
ebony nights
which pass in frigid trance..

I take up my pen,
writing this archipelago
of amphibious words
swimming solitude
in winters
polar waters.

I sip exile
from a bone china month.
Spring my anodyne
still weeks away.
Beckons me with
green shoots
and yellow forsythia.

apparitions of
April and life.

© By Lea (


She lived in an old Victorian home and collected antiques galore,
But that wasn’t enough as she collected more and more.

Her favorite collectibles were bone china and African violets,
Often brought to her by her husband pilot.

Filled was every nook, crevice and cranny,
Why there was hardly room for her children, Irvin and Fannie.

Amidst the violets one day she did sleep,
And from her never there came another peep.

At her funeral her friends came to pay their respect,
And the casket was covered in violets as you would expect.

Irvin and Fannie looked down on her face,
It was filled with beauty and grace.

One thing was sort of odd they had to say,
But with them it was OK.

Under one arm rested a tiny saucer,
And under the other her favorite poetry book by Chaucer.

© By Phyllis Ann (

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Graphics by Marilyn

I have a small collection of bone china tea-cups. I also grow African Violets.
I took two photographs and used both to make the graphic. Thank you Joy, Lea, and Phyllis Ann for the wonderful poems that complete this page.