Is this the cold of winter I feel blowing through my heart?
Have I grown so old that my feelings did depart?
I remember in my youth the sun always did shine.
And love was something that I never would decline.

I smiled and laughed and danced through my life.
I never spoke with anger, never could cause strife.
The days were always golden, skies always deepest blue.
I knew I'd never love again the way that I loved you.

Everyday I grew a little older, but always kept the trust.
The padlock on my heart started showing signs of rust.
Then one day I looked outside my window
And saw all the fall leaves beginning to blow.

I knew then that winter was near and the sun began to set.
I wanted to try and run just to see how far I'd get.
But then I realized that it was too late to start.
I reached into the empty place that should have held my heart.

But it had disappeared along with my golden youth.
When you left, it just went with you. Following its truth.
How easily I let go of it, Thinking you'd return.
That empty place still has a tiny spark to burn.

And around that tiny spark, I built my life anew.
I gave my thoughts to others, never again you.
I loved and I learned a lesson, Oh so very well.
When you've been to heaven, anyplace else is really hell.

By Swampetta (


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