Do we know what is in another's thoughts? Often times we think we do, but when we look closer we find that it isn't the case. For instance, way back when I was a high school student, there was a girl who always dressed perfectly, her hair never out of place. Some people thought she was a snob. She never laughed when a joke was played on another student. Her grades were perfect. Many of the students avoided her, and others made cruel comments. Then one day she wasn't in class. Another day passed and again she wasn't in class. This was very unusual, because she was known for never missing school. Finally, one of the teachers stood in front of the class and announced that this girl had been suffering for a long time with a rare blood disease. She had died that week. Many of us looked inside ourselves and were ashamed of how we had treated her. She had never let on that she had a death sentence on her head. She had just gone about her daily business being kind to others and living the very best life she could live.

Often times, we meet a person who is kind, helpful, and smiles a lot, without anyone ever knowing that something in their life is causing them serious grief. Online is an example of that. The very person you are chatting with in a chat room could be suffering a terrible loss in their life, or they could be very seriously ill. They might joke a lot, or just read the chat quietly without contributing anything to the conversation while they sat in agony.

I know a man who is the most upbeat person I have ever known. His wife is a dear lady. Since retirement both have had problems crop up. First, he got shingles, then Bells Palsy. Due to the shingles, he lost hearing in one ear. Next he was cutting down a limb in a tree and his ladder broke, causing him to be injured. Then his darling wife had a heart attack. She recovered from that and took over the care of her terminally ill father, but while tending to his needs, she was diagnosed with cancer. Chemo therapy and surgery got her through this. Now, two years later, her cancer is spreading. She is having to go through treatment all over again. Nobody knows if she will survive this time. Still, these two wonderful people help others and manage to keep smiling. They try to live a worthy life without complaining of their lot. You couldn't meet two nicer people. When you meet them, you would not know of the pain they have suffered and are going through.

Many of our online friends, and enemies, are going through extremely difficult times. They don't talk of their troubles, but often times, cruel remarks are made to them. I wonder how many times we make cruel comments to someone without knowing how serious their troubles are.

I am sure many of us have met people and see how cruel others are to them. Perhaps they smoke; perhaps they are obese. Maybe it's just that they are unattractive in some way to that other person. They ignore that other person's cruel remarks and go on with their life as though it doesn't hurt. Some of these people even go out of their way to be nice to others who aren't so kind to them.

Those who have cruel thoughts should not express them. We have no idea what is going on in someone's life so it is wiser to keep our thoughts to ourselves. It would be a shame to be cruel to someone then find out later that we treated them badly while they were suffering. This is especially true when we are chatting online. Words in a chat room are flat so the true meaning of our comments is often lost.

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