Think twice about the dirty old lady,
The one across the desk from you.
Hungry, wearing torn up tennis shoes,
Listing her birth as 1942.

See her as she was in August that year
Tiny pearl fingers and pink petaled lips,
Crying for the still quiet young mother
In permanent sleep, she did not recover.

Granny and Grandad did the best that they could
To fill her gnawing heart.
Though they were poor, washed their clothes on a board,
Could only dream of new starts.

See her now as a lively teen,
No hope of having "faddy" things,
Granny ill, and Grandpa gone,
A caretaker she, old before young girls sing.

Grandma passed on and left the old house.
She finds solace in petunias and pansies.
Leathery lonely lady picked the wrong kind of louse,
Tried to fill her gnawing in all the wrong places.

She pushes her cart and sells her "finds."
But this month just can't pay past due bills,
Now she is in front of you--her first time to "ask",
Will you help her keep out winter's chill?

By Norma (

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