The ground does warm a bit,
As some flowers dare to show their head.
Bet they wish they had a mitt,
Tools are a-rusting in the shed.

The first signs of spring, it is warm,
Bet it snows again this week,
Will they all come to harm,
Will some cold again sneak.

Cold, dreary, dark and dank,
Makes most moms mad and terse,
Then on a warm day they do thank,
And become a loving nurse.

Daffodils, oh where are you,
When will you spring up from the ground,
Will the birds all sing and coo,
Will they sing a joyful sound.

Fickle are the moods of spring,
As vacillating they seem to always do,
But what ere comes, it does make us sing,
For spring makes us feel good too.

So clap your hands, stomp your feet,
Laugh and sing for it is great,
Donít forget to still eat meat,
But do not over sate.


© By Tom (



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