Over the homeland trails,
He travels amidst the goslings and quail.

Benevolent spirit and furry crown,
He is a hare of fame and renown.

Sparkling eyes, twitching nose and cotton tail,
He scurries along with his Easter egg pail.

Through the tall grasses and meadow lands fair,
He delivers his goods with fashion and flare.

Children wait in gleeful anticipation,
To show him their love and admiration.

Sunrise delights wait for sleepy eyes to wake,
And Mommy has prepared her bunny cake.

Soon tasseled moppets appear to look for surprises outside,
And their furry friend has not failed them in his glorious hide.

Red, yellow, blue and green,
Throughout the yard they peep out to be seen.

The sun is warm, the air fresh with the smell of Spring,
It gives cause for the birds to sing.

Down in the valley, the furry hare sleeps in his hutch.
Another year fulfilled with his special touch.

By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

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