I am transformed in this quiet place

am taken back in time

when geisha walked here with white face

and peacefulness was sublime

silence but for the song of the bird

the splash of the water broken by frogs

just sounds of nature to be heard

and the sight of turtles sunning on logs

ahhh, glorious, ancient world of green!

you fill my heart and mind with peace

I marvel at the beauty of your scene

which never changes, will never cease

the bright orange Koi wait to be fed

the chameleons lay immovable on a leaf

birds fly aimlessly over my head

and I am filled with Zen belief.

you have the power to take me away

from the world of confusion, noise, and rush

you calm my hurried, hectic day

I sit and contemplate in the hush

oh, Japanese garden, please never change

stay as you are, in silent splendor

always familiar, never strange

as I, to your peacefulness, surrender

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)

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