Lo, it has been these many long years
Since I have gazed upon thy pristine beauty
And marveled at Nature's perfection,
Thou lovely wild rose of the lone prairie.

Alone by the roadside, hardy soul thou art,
Surviving the many rigors of harsh weather
On thy native land where the winds blow free,
Far, far away from the land of the heather.

Far better that thy habitat be in a pasture
Amongst the grazing cattle as they low,
Although thy loveliness be partially hidden
By the undulating green grass of the meadow.

Rosa Pratincula, pretty wild prairie rose,
Thy beauty oft heralded in poetry and song,
Songs of friendship and songs of passion,
And verses of enduring love grown strong.

A feast for the eyes, a wonderful surprise,
To behold you in all your native glory.
Thy bright pink velvety petals surround
A cluster of yellow stamens that tell the story.

By Marian M. Aboltin (MeriRiter@aol.com)



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