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Thank Heaven For Little Girls


Life's Whispered Song

The generations are trading places.
Time has etched deep lines in their faces.

Grams and Gramps are gone.
Mom and Pop have replaced their verse in life’s song.

Five, ten, thirty, forty, where has the time flown?
First you were four, now you are grown.

Little girls so sweet and fair,
Only your photographs remain to compare.
Life’s old song was sometimes sad.
The little ones came to make our hearts glad.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Spring has gone, and winter rests upon our brows to stay.

Phyllis Ann (

Little Girls

For little girls, we say “Thank Heaven”,
Because they’re so cute and cuddly then.
But, as they move past age eleven,
We see them becoming young women.

For parents, this can be more like Hell,
As answers to questions they must tell,
When stories of storks young girls repel,
While they change within, and bosums swell.

Next, they contend with their monthly curse,
And dispositions couldn’t be worse,
Until triplet babies they must nurse,
While sharp barbs at husbands they dispurse.

And soon, just fond memories remain,
Of days before she became so vain,
When she splashed through puddles in the rain,
And at cute boys she’d not look again.

But young fathers take it all in stride,
Holding the babies and filled with pride.
Passing them to his wife when they cried,
While mother contemplates suicide.

But then, as she sees her babies smile,
She decides to stay around awhile,
Sort of glad that she walked down that aisle,
Despite dealing with the diaper pile.

“Thank Heaven for little girls”, they’ll say,
Feeling they’re thrice blessed every day,
Enjoying their three young girls at play,
Until teen years turn parents' hair gray.

RickMack (

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

They grow up almost overnight.
And the cost of clothing them
Quickly becomes Out Of Sight!
All glitter and no place to hem.

Then they say they've met a fellow
With Tattoos that melt the mind.
And they dye their hair bright yellow
And up their arms, cheap bracelets wind.

And Your Little girl wants a wedding
That would shame Donald Trump
Antique satin for the bedding
A negligee cut out at the rump.

Took a second mortgage on the house
To pay for all the finery
Honeymoon's over and he's a louse.
He wouldn't leave the winery.

You will pay for her divorce.
You pawned Grandma's pearls
You know she'll do it again, of course.
Thank WHERE? for little girls?

Swampetta (

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Straight, long brown hair, chocolate color eyes, five year old Hannah was a beauty. Her face and demeanor showed the innocence of a little girl. All she had to do was smile, and people were drawn to her sweetness.

But Hannah could be mischievous when she wanted to be. One day she took a color marker and made childish pictures on the white living room wall while her mother was making dinner in the kitchen.

When her father walked into the room, Hannah quickly put the color marker in her four year old brother's hand. Trusting his sister completely, James took it, not knowing that he might get into trouble. Fortunately for him, their father saw when Hannah had handed it to him. She stood with the most innocent look on her face, hoping she would get away with it. But she didn't. Father scolded her, but had to look away so that she wouldn't see the grin he couldn't hold back at her deceptiveness.

It might appear that she would love to get her brother in trouble. But at other times, she tried to protect him. Visiting their grandparents one day, James used chalk and marked up the back of her grandmother's easy chair. Grandma had to laugh, when Hannah stood with her back against the chair, so that the markings would be hidden from view.

Hannah loved new dresses. If someone bought her a new dress, she would preen in front of everyone, just like a model on a runway. She would draw pictures of hearts and print, I LUV U, and give them to people she cared for. It was difficult not to love her right back.

There was a litter of kittens at the house up the road. Hannah, knowing that her parents didn't want any pets, brought one fuzzy little cute kitten home, and smuggled it into her bedroom. There she kept it fed and watered, hoping nobody would notice. It slept in bed with her. Her mother came in to check on her one night and found Hannah and the kitten, sound asleep, cuddled together. The kitten was allowed to stay.

Hannah had a crush on the little boy next door. She would blush whenever his name was mentioned. They became friends and were in the same kindergarten class together. His mother took them to school and Hannah's mother drove them home. They went to each other's birthday parties. It was an innocent love, that only two small children could have.

Eventually they grew older. He moved away. They didn't see each other again, until both attended the same college. A long lost romance was rekindled, this time not so innocent. It wasn't long before they married and began a family of their own. Their first child was a cute little brown hair, brown eyed beauty named Sandra. Sandra was both innocent and mischievous, just as Hannah had been as a little girl.

Sharon (

Thank Heaven For Little Girls

Thank you, Maurice Chevalier,
For "Thank Heaven for Little Girls."
Your wondrous smile,
Your tilted straw,
Unconquerably romantic
With melting voice,
Turning all little girls
Into Gigi.

By Norma (

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