Whenever I close my eyes,
I can see his face back then,
That day so very long ago
When we did meet once again.

Not familiar with the big city,
He had soon lost his way.
After wandering for hours,
He finally arrived that day.

What a pathetic sight he was
When I met him at the door!
“Sis, where have you been?”
I heard him tearfully implore.

My heart went out to him.
I’ll never forget his face,
Sad and tired, but relieved
That he had found our place.

Many years later I visited him
At the little old cemetery on the hill.
He was only twenty-five when he died.
I was grieving for him still.

I could see his sad face
As he asked me once again,
With tears in his eyes,
“Sis, where have you been?”

That time I answered him,
“Brother, I am here at last.
I have not forgotten you
Though much time has passed.”

Although the years come and go,
There is a special place in my heart.
I can see my brother’s face still.
All too soon we had to part.

~ Marian (MeriRiter@aol.com)




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