I read somewhere that every Spring God rewrites the book of Genesis.

How many Springs have these eyes seen?
How many times has the warm sun and showers brought forth new green?

The tender shoots come up through the soil it seems as if overnight.
The Spring trees blossom and bloom with all their might.

Glorious colors spring forth from a palate so rare,
And with Godís creation, there is nothing to compare.

Everywhere we look upon beauty fraught with grace.
In each lily, we see the dear Saviorís face.

Hope springs eternal each Spring that comes anew.
The winter disappears with the singing birds returning to the skies of blue.

Each opening bud shows forth His love and promise again.
That which was dead has arose to new life,
And there is hope for all men.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

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