Monday morning brings sunlight beaming through the kitchen windows, another day.
The chrome appliances sparkle as they do their jobs while sleepy heads in their beds still lay.

The percolator sings a merry tune as dark, rich coffee it brews.
The smell of bacon, eggs and toast send aromas throughout the house and offers wafting breakfast clues.

The family starts to gather at the table set in breakfast style,
And Dad greets Mother with his usual morning smile.

The percolator is unplugged and brought to the table in all its glory.
Coffee coups are filled with Folgers, and the smell tells the familiar traditional story.

The loving warmth of home and family ties
Binds us together at the kitchen table once more,
And the children relate their stories of school day lore.

Bobby and Bill beg for coffee in cups like Dads,
And Dad pours them half a cup with lots of milk and sugar, since they’re just lads.

Weekdays, the toast is spread with butter and jam,
And donuts are served on Sunday by Mother, Pam.

Mary helps take the dishes to the sink for Mother to wash,
And Dad takes his paper and goes off to work, of course.

The children get their books and trudge off to their perspective schools,
And Mother kisses them good bye, reminding them of all the rules.

The daily chores are started by Mother, as she plans her day around the evening meal.
The shiny percolator with its merry song, the supper scene will surely steal.

© By Phyllis Ann (






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