Spring is in the air!
We smell the freshness of spring, we see the colors of spring,

we hear the birds of spring.

Write a few lines...they don't need to rhyme. Write about spring in your area. If you live in a state where summer is year-round, then write about your Aunt Edith's and Uncle Wally's spring. lol

Send a poem or memory lines for this page, and don't forget to give it a title.

Spring Is In The Air


Spring Sprung?

The twenty first of March it is
Snow had come, the ground was white
But the lightness of the sky
Said soon the sun would shine.

So the snow did melt away
But then out the window I did look
Behold, oh no, I said,
As the snow was heavily falling

The feel outside was funny, yes
For like spring it did feel,
Well spring up here in the hinterlands,
As all day crazy it has been.

First it snows, and all is white
Then the sun comes out and melts it off,
Again as the road begins to dry,
Great big flakes fall from the sky.

So here I sit as the wind does blow,
And the snow flies around,
Wonder if Mister Sun will win
Or will dusk find a mess.

Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung
Buds on roses
Songs to be sung
Runny noses

Bunnies in field
Birds on wire
Tomatoes yield
Barbecue fire

Fishing on pier
Water balloon fight
Drinking beer
Flying kite

Spring has sprung
Oh me oh my
Lovers clung
Sighing sigh

Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

Glorious Spring!

Just around a corner, just beyond a day
We know that it's coming, that Spring is on the way
We have all been dreaming, tho' we've been awake
Awaiting the arrival, how long will it take?

Tell me, Mr. Northwind, when will you take your leave?
I know you have another storm hidden up your sleeve
So take a deep breath, let it loose, and let the snowflakes fly
Then turn your back, be on your way, let the winter die

I dream of Spring, can hardly wait until the flowers bloom
And fill the fresh new season's air with their sweet perfume
It sets me free from winter's chill, and i'll awake to see
Wonderful Spring, glorious Spring, has returned to visit me!!!

susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)

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