She was truly a beauty queen
In her big pink picture hat
With a row of orange flowers,
And a lacy silk ecru slip.
She was three
And played for hours and hours.

But of all the clothes
Mommy had saved for her
Mommy's old patched red galoshes
Made her favorite list.
She felt so big and tall,
Tho they just came up to her hips.

Now she opens an old blue trunk
She had when she was off in college.
There were the old patched galoshes
From her favorite dress-up list;
Pieces of duct tape-patching
Covering where they had splits.

For after she was three,
She continued to love them so.
Her feet grew into their size,
These boots from her favorite list.
Tho Mommy was gone now, her feet felt safe
When she slipped them on for their fit.

"Cindy, come here, I have something for you!"
And she gave her an old Easter hat,
Then followed with a slip trimmed in lace,
Dressed her up and gave her a kiss.
Cindy laughed with joy but quickly spied
The red patched galoshes from Mom's favorite list.

By Norma (



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