Uncle Henry, in a corner,
Sleeping by the fireplace,
Dreaming of his long gone childhood;
Firm of form and fair of face.

Uncle Henry cries so softly,
Thinking of those days, long gone,
Childish pranks and long dead friendships
In the warmth of Summer sun

Growing into early manhood,
Quickening to maidens’ charms,
Henry brings them love and laughter
In the comfort of his arms

Smooth - skinned girls with golden tresses
Charming him with female guiles
Henry stirs to their caresses,
Slowly, Uncle Henry smiles.

Once again his limbs are supple
Once again his heart is young
He looks back upon his future
And the songs yet to be sung

Henry’s heart soars up in gladness.
Gone the pain, and winter’s sighs.
No more fear, and no more sadness,
Softly, Uncle Henry dies..

~ Tom (TVaughanJones@aol.com)




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