When I am with you

It isn't that my heart
seems so much lighter.
Nor does a songbird
flute a different trill.
There is no reason
why the world is brighter;
No lonely place is here
for me to fill.

So why do senses
dance in desperation?
What is this stirring
that I feel inside,
a sense of gain,
a joyous jubilation;
An ecstasy I can
no longer hide.

Could it just be
a chemical attraction?
Electrons in the
heart of cyberspace.
A trick of light;
an optical refraction
that paints the smile
transfiguring your face

We have no substance
in this time or season.
Mere molecules
within a master plan;

But stronger yet
than any valid reason.
You are a woman.
and Iím just a man.

© By Thomas Vaughan Jones (TVaughanJones@aol.com)



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