At first glance you would have thought this man
Was a simple person without a plan
Who greeted his people week by week
And found in the scriptures what others seek

He helped us through this fast paced life
Filled each day with joy and strife
And spent days studying the Holy Word
So teachings of the Lord are heard

But if you thought this man was plain
A simple man with ne'er a pain
You'll discover he was so complex
He can't be studied without a text

He has lived his life and suffered loss
And turned whatever fate would toss
His way to find the sterling core
Of love and joy and hope and more

To help us through life's highs and lows
With help from God he can transpose
So we can see the grace that's given
To each of us from Divine Heaven

We're thankful God did reach his heart
And teach him words he could impart
To guide and comfort us in sorrow
And lead us through our way tomorrow

He did all this with loving heart
And those who've known him from the start
Are not surprised that he could teach
Things that seem so out of reach

Thank you Lord for shaping the Pope
And thanks for wisdom and giving hope
To all who doubt and suffer pain
Our deepest loss is Heaven's gain

By Joy (


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