Is today just another day,
Or is it an important day in my life?
What will this day hold for me,
Will it affect my fate?

Whether the sun is preceded with colorful clouds,
Or whether the sky is bare and no sun do I observe.
It is a new day, one I have not before seen,
A new day in this life that I live.

Good things happen to me, but
A bad one has all others supplanted.
How will I handle it, how will I cope?
Will I worry and fret because I must go?

Hell no, I do shout, scaring the birds away.
Today is another day in my own life,
So by golly, I will live it as I like,
Live it with a smile and vigorously go forth.

Fate is fickle, fate is strange,
Fate does carry each of our names.
But stand tall, adversity overcome,
For when our number is up, we all must go.

I will fight, scratch, bite and yell,
But I will go as the man I have been.
Cry not for me, just smile and wave as I pass,
Life has been one hell of a blast.


I stand and look out of the window,
Watching the clouds lazily float by,
I think of my life, I do wonder why,
Why has fate selected me?

I close my eyes and see the plains,
I blink my eyes and the mountains are there,
I see the beach, hear the breaking waves
And I hear the city and its deafening roar.

I think of all the things I wanted to do,
Think of all the places I did so much want to tread.
Now, oh now, as the end grows nigh,
Were those just impossible dreams?

Then out on a tree, a cardinal I do see,
And as I see him singing there,
I do a big decision make.
I do swear to things I must do.

I will not climb Mount Everest, nor Africa explore,
But by damn, I will enjoy what I can.
I shall walk in the mountains, walk on the streets,
I will try to see all that I can.

No fretting, crying or sobbing, no not for me,
I shall smile and dotter along, seeing what I can.
So when my time comes, as the curtain falls,
I will depart, the biggest winner of all.


I stand by the window and look out at the world,
I wonder and ponder how my life has gone.
Did I take advantage, did I do all I could,
Has my life been all that it could?

The ravages of time, just old age I guess,
Now I stand shaking inside,
Wondering and asking, 'Why me O’Lord,
What did I do to this get'?

But as I look out watching the clouds roll by,
I do reminisce and my face begins to smile,
As I think of how it has been.
My life does seem there to be.

I have lived, loved, lost and won,
But my inner strength tells me
I have not this battle lost,
For there are more hills to climb.

Not tomorrow do I now look,
But to just a few minutes from now.
What would differently I do,
What would I change if I could do so?

I will stand tall, laugh and smile,
And accept what eer comes my way.
I will strive to it beat,
I am me, by God I will fight.

Sorrow and remiss are for losers born,
Me, I am tough; I will be strong,
I will smile and enjoy each day,
And accept what eer comes my way.

© By Tom (


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