Quiet waters gently ripple
Where once the turbulent currents rushed.
In the river bed, large flat stones repose
As though lulled to sleep
By the soft caresses of the murmuring stream.

Worn smooth by ages of Nature's bathing,
They glisten and shine in patches of sunlight.
Huge sentinel boulders stand guard
On the banks of the river
Defying any creature to disturb the tranquil scene.

Stretching out for miles and miles,
The mountains recline in all their grandeur
Interrupting the horizon with their shapely breasts
Rising and falling in erratic breathing
Throughout eons of restless slumber.

Draped in multicolored robes of vivid fall foliage,
The gigantic beauties lie in all their splendor.
White-barked birches and familiar elms
Sport varying hues of yellows and golds.
Stately purple oaks proudly provide
A striking contrast to the gay array.

Stands of magnificent dogwoods blaze
In patches of fiery red.
Bedecked in brilliance, the maples radiate
The warmth of a friendly beacon
In an aura of orange and orange-reds.

Steadfastly, the regal conifers and cedars
Hold court in their royal velvet robes
Of perennial evergreen.
Nature in all its splendor has fashioned
A gigantic, autumnal patchwork quilt.

By Marian M. Aboltin (MeriRiter@aol.com)

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