At the bird feeder there was quite a crowd
Four pushy blue jays especially loud
Above from a branch
The cat took a chance
Making a wild leap of which it was proud

All the birds scattered except one blue jay
That made a fine meal for the cat that day
Another attack
When the birds came back
The creatures too hungry to stay away

Again and again the cat found a meal
Leaping from the branch with increasing zeal
With sharp claws blood red
And feeling well fed
Off to its bed did the greedy cat steal

Later that night a most terrible thing
Deep down in its throat a hairball did cling
As it coughed and gagged
Its energy flagged
And the wretched fat cat choked on a wing

On the next day just a few birds returned
But all of them a lesson had been learned
While in any yard
They must pose a guard
A wise policy for all birds concerned


By RickMack (

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