Last night I met someone new
I must be careful not to fall
Because I've been in love before
And banged my head against the wall

Oh yes, the words were just the same
Full of moonlight and romance
I'd like to listen and believe
But I'm not sure I'll take the chance

Meeting someone new opens a door
That I've had closed for quite awhile
Do I dare hope and care again?
Do I succumb to your sweet smile?

Well, maybe I'll try one more time
Will this be different? or the same?
I'm full of doubt, I'm scared to death
That you are only playing games

I'll never know if I don't try
I have to explore these things I feel
Then you held your hand out and took mine
Maybe this time my heart will heal

But please don't rush me, please go slow
We've only just met, you're someone new
Give me time to heal my heart
Before I fall in love with you

By susi Taylor (

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