It would be swell to have the chance
To swim in water like a fish,
With a mermaid to find romance,
As she shakes her tail with a swish.

To travel beneath the world’s seas,
Breathing water as if it’s air,
Chasing ocean currents with ease,
And visiting everywhere.

Reveling at exotic life,
Rare species never before seen,
Far removed from all the world’s strife,
In environments so serene.

The crashing of surf beckons me,
As I meander on the beach.
Only the horizon to see -
Are distant shores beyond my reach?

Down to my bathing suit I strip,
And dare test the cold water’s chill.
I submerge to begin the trip -
Seeing Europe will be a thrill.

On the shore, I have left a note,
In a shoe, on top of my clothes.
It’s a simple message I wrote,
“Tell the doctors I've left. Here goes!”

© By RickMack (

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