Wheres the coffee? Is there any left?
I must have it to begin my day.
The can is empty, and Im bereft,
I simply cant face the world this way.

Maybe I will try a cup of tea,
For a smaller measure of caffeine.
Now where can that box of teabags be?
In this cabinet it was last seen.

My hands are trembling. I must sit now.
Im getting the early morning shakes.
Cold sweat is breaking out on my brow,
And my left temple suddenly aches.

I go to the fridge to get a Coke,
For that drink has some caffeine, as well.
Its an hour now since first I woke,
And my body is going through Hell.

Not a single cola can I find,
So my last hope is coffee ice cream.
But all we have is the sherbet kind
I need my coffee? I loudly scream.

The dog yelps and runs from the kitchen,
And the cat hides in behind the trash.
By now I find my eyes are twitching,
And fists on the countertop I smash.

I sink to the floor, very distraught,
Full in the throes of withdrawal pain.
This is a dreadful habit Ive got,
But I have tried to quit, all in vain.

Just then, my wife arrives from the store,
With shopping bags, and I start to laugh.
Till I tremble all over once more,
When she says, They only had decaf!

By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)

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