This is the fortress of imagination,
keeping our hopes and aspirations bright.
Built on the solid rock of education,
bounded by walls so stout and erudite.

Ten thousand books, in leather bound array
at vigilant attention stand their guard.
In stoic patience waiting to display
the written words of every favoured bard.

Ten million words cling closely to their dreams,
waiting to share those dreams with you and me;
shall we indulge in Machiavellian schemes,
or sail with pirates on the China Sea?

In every book, some new adventure calls;
fiction or fact, to savour to the full.
Safe in the comfort of these library walls,
brightening lives made desolate and dull.

These are the loves and joys that bring us pleasure,
moments to store for all eternity.
These intellectual gem stones that we treasure,
brought to us through our local library.

By Thomas Vaughan Jones (

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