Since time untold, man has looked to the heavens
To explain the mysteries of earth.
Since time untold, man has reached for the stars
In his search for the clues to his birth.

And so the quest for knowledge has continued,
And has increased as time went by,
And as we learned, the more we wanted to learn.
It's in our nature to question why.

We've worked hard to achieve the goals we've set.
We are proud of the progress we've earned.
We have reached for the stars - each in our own way,
And we're grateful for all we have learned.

So now as we chart the course for our future,
We must look to those who've gone before,
And hail their great achievements as a beacon
Which will lead us to what life has in store.

We look to the brave ones who dared venture out
Into space as they reached for the stars.
Theirs was a dream that will live on forever
In others who will reach for the stars.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it"
Is a motto to which we aspire.
"If you can dream it you can become it"
Are true words that will surely inspire.

Whatever we do, we must reach for the stars,
The symbol of our aspiration.
We must dream great dreams and set great goals.
Let the stars be our inspiration.

Many are times when we must consider
The courses which for us are the best.
Many are the times for careful decisions.
There'll be times we'll be put to the test.

Reach for the stars though they may seem out of reach.
We won't be afraid to fail and lose,
For by just the reaching, we may gain far more
Than that illusive goal that we may choose.

As we pass from one milestone to another,
We've mixed feelings of joy and sorrow.
We'll treasure dear memories of all past years,
But we're eager now for tomorrow.

We're eager to explore the path before us.
We're anxious, we know to spread our wings,
And soar to great heights as we reach for the stars
In pursuit of what the future brings.


By Marian (

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