I heard on the radio yesterday morning
The dire threats of a winter storm warning
"Not now" I scoffed, "we're having Spring"
But I've learned to expect just anything

Especially living in Michigan's hinterlands
Where it's exposed to the winter weatherbands
At least seven months of every year
The expectation of snow is with us here

The lovely Spring flowers that were in bloom
Are buried under a snowy tomb
And it keeps on falling no let-up in sight
Much to the die-hard skier's delight

But, it will leave as the Spring snowfalls do
Hopefully the flowers will bloom anew
The only thing good to come of this snow
Is the farmers like it 'cause it makes things grow

It won't hurt the grass, that perennial pain
It will just make it grow so i'll have to mow again
But at least there will be green instead of white
So c'mon Mr. Sun, let's have your light!!

By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)



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