By the time you are over 50, you wonder if you should be looking at things differently. Not that everyone does…….I am a perpetual adolescent. I have friends who are just as comfortable discussing funeral arrangements as they are talking about where to get a good pizza. I find that a bit scary. I decided a long time ago, I didn’t want any traditional funeral. I had been to too many traditional Irish funerals in my childhood. Hearing so many people looking at a corpse and saying “Oh…He/She looks so peaceful, just like he/she’s sleeping.” From the age of about seven, I couldn’t figure out why nobody just said, “Oh My oh my! Don’t they look……DEAD!?” I have that living will thingy and so does my Troll so we don’t have to worry about being machine supported. We are both survivors of being in the HealthCare”Bidness” so we do know exactly what we don’t want.

Now, that’s the sunset part of the story. If you have to look over your shoulder to see the sunrise….you are facing the wrong way! I see a sunset as a way to get the night started and over with so the sunrise can get going. Sometimes my buddy, TomWyo sends me some great pics of pink clouds in the sky. At times, I have asked him if it was sunrise or sunset. He usually responds with, “I was facing west looking at the sunrise.” Leaving me to wonder if he had the camera in his back pocket and he bent over and the picture snapped. Maybe Wyoming is using it’s own compass. Maybe Ol’ Tom been into the Geritol again? I stopped asking so I wouldn’t start wondering which way New Jersey was facing. (Here, the sun rises in the EAST. And it sets in the WEST,,,I’m pretty sure.)

One of the pics that he sent seemed to settle in my brain. I love colors and contrasts and this pic had them both! The foreground was very dark and the background had this blast of orangey, pink colors. If you looked you could see the black outlines of houses and telephone poles. I grabbed my little box of Crayola watercolors and a couple brushes and went to work. (Not kidding about the kiddie paints either. I like using them better than the fancy stuff in the tubes.) As I worked on it I thought about whether it was sunrise or sunset. I concluded that I would always assume it was sunrise!

You see, we are all headed for the same destination. I want to know that when I take that final trip, I am heading for the rising sun. I will have a day on the beach. I’ll build sand castles and decorate them with shells and seaweed. I’ll lay on my belly in a small tidal pool and see if I can find some tiny clamshells or even a baby jellyfish. When the sun goes to the West and starts to set, I’ll stay on the beach and watch it. And I’ll stay there all night to see if the sun rises for me in the morning.

I bet it will…….

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