Music flowing, softly rolling,
Rhythm with a count of Four.
Couples spinning gently twirling,
Graceful feet upon the floor.

Dainty toes, tapping, rocking,
Stepping one way Side by side.
With the Music, Rising, Falling,
Swing now on Air they ride,

Rhythm changing, swiftly changing,
Reaching now for something more.
Forms that move with Magic lightness,
Graceful feet upon the floor.

Tiny feet, tapping, Turning,
Chasing shadows cross the floor,
Small feet flying, chasing rhythm,
Without wings They some how soar.

Gentle now the Music comes,
Ebbing forth like Early spring.
Slowly now spin the Dancers,
Dancing lightly on a string.

Tender words spoke with motion,
Feelings softly reach a peak.
Couples happy, Gaily Dancing,
Moving slowly, Cheek to Cheek.

By Ed (




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