Do Twinkle Toes’ toes really twinkle?
Does a Care Bear really give a darn?
Does Cinderella’s gown e’er wrinkle?
Do children believe every yarn?

Can a cow really jump o’er a moon?
Does a wolf’s face resemble Grandma?
Can a dish run away with a spoon?
Aren’t these kinds of lies carried too far?

And how about Little Miss Muffet,
Devouring all those curds and whey?
You hardly hear of the word, “tuffet”,
Since the spider scared her off that day.

Did Jack really climb up to the sky?
If he did, where is that bean stalk now?
By gosh, I’d like to give it a try.
Who swallows these stories, anyhow?

Kids today are too intelligent
To believe in silly fairy tales.
With their Power Rangers, they’re content,
Next to video games, all else pales.

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