Sometimes it seems like yesterday
And yet maybe so long ago
I used to read just everything
Books, magazines and so...

I wonder why I fall behind
And cannot tell my friends
What is the latest best seller
Or how some local story ends

I remember sitting at the table
After dinner so long ago
Playing a game of scrabble
With hubby or kids in tow

And then I used to sew everything
Curtains, crafts and clothes
What happened to the home made pies
And jams and jellies...heaven knows

I used to watch out the window
For the mailman on his route
Bringing such exciting things
As letters and mail order loot

I'd bounce up out of bed and dress
And fill the coffee pot
Get the morning paper
And find my favorite spot

Sitting on the porch or deck
Watching the world go by
Waving to my neighbors on their way
To schol or work...oh my!

But now I crawl into the den
And sit in my computer chair
And push the keys and move the mouse
Before I comb my hair

What's that I hear? that lovely voice
That can weave a magic tale
All she has to do is say
"Welcome, you've got mail"

By Joy (

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