Flowers speak a universal language and clearly say
What words cannot sometimes truly convey -
The words so often difficult to impart
The feelings of love that come from the heart.

When a tousled, suntanned little child
Holds out a blossom that grows wild,
My heart fills right up to the brim
With overflowing love that I have for him.

In my youth I believed that flowers held the key
To whether he did or did not love me.
I plucked the petals slowly one by one
Until the sentimental verse was finally done.

Motherís flowers brightened the old farmyard
And were a credit to her as she worked hard
To create such beauty for all to see
In a rock garden filled with floral scenery.

A bouquet for the bride - a boutonniere for the groom
There were flowers all around the festive room.
In an age-old custom I threw the bridal bouquet
As many a young lady tried to get in its way.

Throughout the years and at many an event
I have worn corsages that were endearingly sent
To respect my role as an honored guest
Or perhaps as emcee at the gala grand fest.

When I came to my room after surgery,
And opened my eyes the first thing I did see
Was the basket of flowers to tell me he cared -
The message came through without saying a word.

A dozen long-stemmed red roses that he later sent
Spoke for themselves of the message he meant
Of love and just how much he really did care.
With overfilled heart, I breathed a silent prayer.

Flowers through the years tell a beautiful story
Of the marvels of love in all its glory -
Therein lies a message so sweet and so dear -
Of the wonders of love for all lovers to hear.




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