A Lousy Love Song

(Being the love song and lament of the head louse)

I have espied a lovely head of hair,
where every follicle is fresh and clean.
I will arise and take my loved one there
and couch a mattress fit for any queen.

We will carouse, and live a life of ease,
excelling in abandoned wild caresses;
indulging in each moment as we please,
laying our fruits within those shiny tresses.

Fleeting our love before that final sleep.
Life may be short, but Love will have its way.
Sweet is the consolation we will keep,
as all too soon we face our Judgement Day

For when at last our eggs begin to hatch,
our children bring untimely consternation,
and when our host begins to itch and scratch,
attention will discover infestation.

The nurse arrives, and now we have to part.
Cast to the ground, dispersed by cruel hand.
Farewell my Love! My ever faithful heart!
We fall, like scattered raindrops in the sand.


By Thomas Vaughan Jones(RVaughanJones@aol.com)



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The orchid, a phal, is one of several I grow.
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