All my life, dogs I have liked,
But big dogs are my choice.
No better friend, no truer one,
Can a man ever find.

Little things, puff balls and squeakers
Those I would like to step on.
But each has their own choice to make
Mine is a dog that does say "woof"

Many breeds I have owned,
Even some with pedigrees.
But most were mixtures yes,
Smart and such good friends.

But the dog that has always fascinated me,
The golden retriever it does be,
The smiley dog I do them call,
For they seem to always smile.

My dog is a good listener,
For it sits, lies or sleeps
As I pour out my tales of woe,
And no guff or lip does it give.

Yes, I do love dogs,
And think every child should have one.
Every boy should have his pet,
And be as lucky as I was.


By Tom (




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