On a recent visit to North Carolina, I took a walk in the fog and came across this.

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If Trees Could Talk


If trees could talk, they would tell us to beware.
The way men pillage the land is quite unfair.
Lost generations lie deep in the ground.
They have a story to tell when they are found.
Will we be there among the rest?
Will they see our tragic fate because we failed the test?
The Native Americans warned men to respect the land.
Is it too late to save our earth so grand?


© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)



A Strange Sight To See


Walking in the forest
He happened upon a tree
It spoke out loud to him
A strange sight to see

It had two eyes and a nose
A mouth for which to talk
He knew he shouldn't have
Drank booze before his walk


© By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)



Nut Case


Throughout the vast forest he used to roam
Until the day he encountered a gnome
Who didnít like
People to hike
In this dark woodland where he made his home

So the angry gnome cast a magic spell
And the massive oak tree became a cell
In which was locked
The man who walked
Into the forest after darkness fell

In this forest today, still dwells this bloke
Who found himself imprisoned in that oak
As an acorn
He was reborn
With hungry squirrels around, thatís no joke




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