Here I sit, going through, sorting out, keeping and throwing away things from a life that is past, memories of another day So many pictures, old bills marked "paid", diary entries from years ago that mean nothing to no one anymore, but they did to her, I know

Letters in bunches, tied up in blue ribbon like soft satin locks Placed with loving hands and heart inside an old candy box

The tears freely flow as I run my fingers over a poem she wrote, see the intricate work of the doilies she crocheted, and a note written in her hand, telling how to make this beautiful piece of lace with its lovely design, to be used on the table, under a vase

The time has come now to put away these treasures to be gone thru on a rainy day, to savor again the pleasures.

Things of my mother's, all boxed up, that time cannot destroy But, for now, there are the memories I can take out and enjoy


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