I sit and watch,
Hoping for an apple to fall,
So tonight we have apple pie
If the wind does blow, the tree does shake
Enough apples we will have for the pie

Sitting under the apple tree
Of Sir Isaac Newton I do think
Hoping one does not hit my head
For it may make me giddier than I am

Anotherís yard, anotherís tree,
But I sit here all alone,
Just me and my thoughts floating around.
The apple tree lady lets me sit right down

How quiet it would be
Were it not for the noisy birds,
But their trills must be heard
They sing of love, they sing of life,
But they screech when in flight

I look and wonder how old this tree
How much older it is than me
Will I be this strong when I am its age
Or will I be all rotted away

A Cardinal I see up in the tree
It is at an apple looking
Does it know, can it smell
Does it realize the sweet meat

He sits, he looks, he cants his head
Trying to this large apple figure out
Why does he not just peck at it
And taste the sweet juice that it has

Are Cardinals all silly as he,
Do they always act this way?
Seems to me they are slow
Like a man a present buying.

Peck the apple, Cardinal so red
Taste the sweet meat that it has
Savor the juice, tell not your friends
For they will peck them all away


© By Tom (TOMWYO@aol.com)



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