Dress Rehearsal

Tomorrow night begins the play,
And lines hes trying hard to learn.
They have dress rehearsal today,
But jitters make his stomach churn.

In the school auditorium,
The scenery is really cool.
Probably, the whole school will come,
To see him stutter like a fool.

He practices at a mirror,
And the words flow perfectly clear,
But in his gut there is terror -
Stage fright producing awful fear.

In the wings on rehearsal night,
He trembles, waiting for his cue,
Watching others get their lines right.
Suddenly his entrance is due!

He rushes out to center stage,
Shouting, The British are coming!
Paul Revere gives the famed message,
While from off stage, distant drumming.


By RickMack (


Dress Rehearsal

Very long ago, I was chosen by two
who loved each other
To play the part of daughter, wife,
mom and grandmother
Every day was a dress rehearsal
for each act of the play
Never made into a movie or
acted on old Broadway
The screen play was written by
an Author's golden pen
Some lines, some days were different
Some repeated again and again
Dress rehearsals were required
each and every day
But still, there were mistakes in cues
and lines we were to say
We stumbled over our own two feet
Trying to do our best
But no "Oscar" ever came our way
But went to all the rest
There are no written words to read
our lines are all ad lib
Sometimes we're so dramatic
And other times funny and glib
But, there will come a time one day
When the show will not go on
But keep up the dress rehearsals
You never know what award you've won


By susi Taylor (


Attic Belle

In the shadows yesterday
on the slippered feet
of an attic belle.

In yards of lawn and organdy,
the embodiment
of feminine grace,
her waist tightly cinched
a sweet ivory face
under that chic brimmed hat..
she twirls smiling sweetly
in grandmas dress.


By Lea (



In our youth
We made up plays
Actresses and actors
That was our way

Sometimes Dale and
Sometimes Roy
Sometimes trigger
Was our ploy

Sometimes princess
Sometimes king
We often pretended
That we had wing

A wooden box
Became a race car
Traveling near
Traveling very far

Once I remember
I was a fireman
Driving a fire truck
As fast I can

A raft on the pond
I was Huckleberry Finn
A walky-talky
Made out of can tin

Children play at life
Different than Mom or Dad
Playing in childhood
Is not at all bad


By Sharon (


Dress Rehearsal

The first act!
Tomorrow, the first act!
Fallen drapes will rise from
Flooded footlit floors;
You must appear in glory!

For this you were born!
You know that in your restless soul.
Now in silks you are here -
So near, so very, very near
To the first act.

You - all breathless gather
On this the eve
The dress rehearsal!
The end! And beginning when
Fallen drapes will rise from
Flooded footlit floors
With anticipating applause! Now
Hushed, chances gone, are you ready?
The first act!


By Norma (


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