In retrospect I find that I tend to survey
The many riches which abound
And I am ever giving thanks
For all the blessings I have found.

Rich indeed is the heritage
Which has been so generously passed
By our ancestors throughout the ages
As they struggled in the past.

The legacy of philosophical thought
Expounded by such as Socrates and Pascal
Has enhanced our way of thinking
With greater insight now to all.

We marvel with the knowledge
That we are free to choose.
With the legacy of religious freedom
We have but naught to lose

Though for some our birthright
May not be a tradition of noblesse oblige,
We may still take satisfaction
In the rights we have that please.

It behooves me now to ponder,
As I reach this stage in living.
I have a duty now to question
The inheritance that I am giving.

Have I made a contribution
That will surely be for good?
Has my life been an example;
Have I done the things I should?

Were I to give you wealth and riches
And everything that I possess,
More valuable than that would truly be
My gift of love and happiness.

I bequeath a thirst for knowledge
As My Legacy to you.
May I have made a difference
As you live your whole life through.


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