Of all the dogs we had on the farm,
Only my Peggy was a special one.
The others had their farm work to do
But Peggy was there just for fun.

Oh, she tried to be a watch dog
To let us know when someone was near.
She would perk up her ears and start to yip
And weíd wonder what she could hear.

When later a car drove into sight,
It was then that we knew
Peggy had super keen hearing
And to alert us was what she did do.

She was a cutie, there was no doubt
With her black and white long hair.
She was part Terrier and part Spitz
Which made for a combination quite rare.

She was gentle and patient
And always let me play with her.
I loved to dress her in dollís clothes,
And she stayed still and didnít stir.

I taught her some simple tricks
Which she obeyed on my command.
In her long dress and lace bonnet,
I ordered her to stay and to stand.

There was sort of a special bond
Between me and my canine pet
That from my teen years until now
Iíve never been able to forget.


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