Serenity is something that you can control.
It is, however, how you choose to live, I'm told.

You can make your life full of chaos or peace so still,
It depends on how you look at things, and you don't need a pill.

It can be a time of serenity or a time of dread.
I would rather have the peace and quiet in my soul,
Than to let the things of this world take their toll.

People don't need pills to control their feelings and soothe their fears,
They just need someone to care and wipe away their tears.

When grandchildren come visiting, the morning is filled with excitement, chaos and love.
They are so cute and filled with innocence as from above.

Soon they grow up into adults like you and me,
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Perhaps they will take care of us one day,
Just like we took care of them when they were being molded by life as if they were clay.

The years do swiftly pass us by,
and we realize our youth is gone with a sigh.

Full circle things come about again, as we're told.
Too soon we become old.

The young ones are being born again and sit at our knee,
And now they're great-grandchildren, don't you see?


By Phyllis Ann (

Photograph by Paul (



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