Red snap dragons
breathe their fiery breath
cross the walk
and round the fountain…

I warm my cold spirits
at that fire.
Those flowering flames
that push away
the darkling hours.
Suspending the chills
that shutter along my frame.

I bathe my wounds
in the sapphire skies
rippling over head.
Adorning my weary soul
with the emeralds
of grass
growing lush
beneath the swing.

Poppa’s roses,
bleed their silken petals
across the lawn.
Transfusing me
with an attar
sweet of scent and beauty.

I am consoled
by a choir
of red breasted robins,
busily fighting over worms.
I listen to their harmony
in the company of snails.
As I heal in this
of home and peace.

© By Lea (

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