While in high school, they went steady,
To each other were devoted.
Her parents felt they weren’t ready,
And their strict rules surely showed it.

She wasn’t permitted to date,
But he was welcome to visit.
They’d swing on the porch until late,
But that isn’t dating, is it?

Her boyfriend wanted to do more
Than merely sit on that darn swing,
With her parents inside the door,
Listening to the squeaky thing.

Every time that they would stop,
And her folks didn’t hear the squeak,
Out the front door her dad would pop,
Or, through the window blinds, he’d peek.

While they swung, it was hard to kiss,
With any passionate feeling.
The noise put a damper on bliss –
Those squeaky bolts in the ceiling.

This romance was not meant to be,
For the young man grew frustrated;
But long held in his memory
Was that girl he almost dated.


© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)



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